Each child who enters the portals of Kavery School will be nurtured with utmost care by the dedicated and passionate team and will step out a confident, accomplished individual who will become a worthy citizen of the global society.Our belief is that “Children are like water bottle them up and they stagnate let them run wild and they make a mess guide them and they bring life to all they touch”.


G M Ganapathy

An outstanding educationist and disciplinarian. Under his leadership, Kavery school enjoys pride of place and repute in terms of standards of education and it has established itself as a strong educational edifice in Kodagu.

Kanthy Ganapathy

The lady behind the endeavour of Kavery School. She infuses enthusiasm both among the faculty and the students with her rich experience and quiet efficiency, handling matter of academic interest. She has been instrumental in bringing positive changes to the school.

" Our Memorable moment "